For more then about 25 years, I have been a geeky webmaster for private and professional projects. I started off with *ughh* Microsoft Frontpage, then Adobe Dreamweaver to Subdreamer CMS to Concrete5 CMS and finally to Google Sites. I was hosting sites on Bluehost in the US for about 15 years before I started to get worried about keeping this up until no end, so I decided to kill my hosted VPS with Bluehost and take it back locally to Austria with World4You. It was costing me at that time about €2000 a year just for the VPS with upgraded 4 Core CPU and 6GB of server memory.

Offloading and migrating business/professional sites I was hosting, to their own individually shared hosted accounts with World4You. Best decision ever! The experience I accumulated over the years was priceless and I became aware of the many challenges into building websites, hosting them, protecting them, backing them up and migrating them.

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